Can the Red Ring of Death affect my new Slim 360?

There's no doubt about it, the Xbox 360 is still an awesome games console despite having so many unreliability issues over the years. Even though it's almost 6 years old, the games still look and play amazing and it still gives a newish gaming PC a run for its money. Since its launch it hasn't been without its problems though and I'm sure if you’re a gamer you will have heard of the red ring of death. Many technicians who have had to fix RRoD before will tell you that 90% of the 360's general hardware faults(3 Red Lights) happen because of overheating and it seems to be the most likely case.

Last year Microsoft released the Xbox slim and it still might have the odd problems here and there however the fail rate on these are much lower than any of the other previous Xbox designs. They have also taken out the red lights which will display an error in the circle of light around the power button. So how do you know if the Xbox 360 slim is having problems? The power light in the centre of the ring will glow red and gamers have already given this nickname the red dot of death!

Most gamers shouldn’t have to worry as much though about the Red Dot of Death as Microsoft completely redesigned the Xbox from the ground up and this time round it's looking more likely that they have nipped it once and for all. There will still be the odd one that will fail and need some kind of RRoD fix or RDoD fix but that's just the general way things go for most electrical goods.

Unfortunately for Microsoft though, these mishaps will get bad press just because of the history with problems from the earlier designs. There has been similar stories about Kinect which has apparently triggered some older Xbox 360’s to fail but after checking out many Xbox related forums and Blogsites it’s looking more likely to be coincidental.

As for the Xbox Slim they now use more advanced processors and chipsets that are better for dealing with heat. It features a better cooling system that can draw the heat and a completely new design of motherboard. The other thing is that if it was to overheat it will display a warning message on screen and shut itself off before any damage is caused.

These features alone should manage to significantly reduce the fail rate. I have happened to fix RRoD many times before for plenty of people locally and I haven't heard anything from anybody about issues with the Xbox slim, most people tell me they don’t have any issues at all. The only people I have heard giving it a hard time is the few unfortunate people on Youtube and all the Microsoft haters who love to give them hell at the first moment of opportunity.

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